FAQ for Teachers

Q: Can I use Math for Life as a textbook for a high school or college course in quantitative or statistical reasoning?
A: While Math for Life will work great as supplementary reading, it is not designed as a textbook — it does not have enough depth for typical full-term courses, and does not have any exercises or ancillary materials for students and instructors. If you are looking for a textbook, please check out:

Q: What courses are suited to using Math for Life as supplementary reading?
A: It can work in any mathematics or education course, but is especially recommended for

  • high school mathematics courses, to help students understand the value of mathematics and why it is worth continuing their study of mathematics
  • college courses in developmental mathematics, to motivate students as they overcome fears of mathematics
  • other college mathematics courses, including algebra and courses for liberal arts students, to help students see the value in what they are learning
  • education courses, to spur discussions about mathematics education and how to improve it

Q: How much does Math for Life cost?
A: The retail price is $25, but it is often discounted (for example, at Amazon); bookstores can order wholesale through normal channels. In addition, you may wish to consider these options:

  • Order direct from the distributor and receive a 30% discount by using the promo code “Eclipse2017” at checkout.
  • E-books only $9.99; click here for format options.
  • For larger orders of printed books (25+ copies), other discounts may be possible; e-mail the author at jeff@bigkidscience.com.